Developer-Friendly Ecosystem

With its compatibility with the EVM module, Ottochain offers a familiar and powerful environment for developers to build decentralised applications (DApps). By leveraging the vast ecosystem of Ethereum-based tools, libraries, and existing smart contracts, developers can create innovative solutions on Ottochain while benefiting from enhanced security and scalability. Developers can retain ownership of their existing deployment contract(s), token contracts and other addresses, streamlining any migration or expansion onto Ottochain. Developers also benefit from shared rewards from contracts they deploy on Ottochain. A feature seen in less than 10 major blockchains, it is designed to create incentives for all who deploy contracts on the chain and encourage them to grow their community, support, and dapp usage. Noteworthy chains from the Cosmos ecosystem utilising this model include Canto and Archway, both heavily celebrated at launch for their economic pre-acceptance of developers.

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