Token Distribution

Token Name: $OTTO
Total supply: 1 Trillion $OTTO tokens
  • 50% - Airdrop allocated to Octopus community, NEAR community, Substrate ecosystem, Cosmos ecosystem, partner communities and DAOs, influencers and individuals
    • 17% allocated to Octopus network
    • 6% allocated to NEAR Ecosystem
    • 21% allocated to partner Community, DAOs, Influencers and individual wallets , Early partner Incubation hub and startups
    • 4% allocated to Cosmos Hub and partner Cosmos ecosystem projects
    • 2% allocated to partner EVM compatible projects
  • 20% - Allocated to Ecosystem growth
    • 15% - Dapp incentives
    • 5% - Support Ecosystem initiatives and Philanthropic initiatives
  • 15% - Allocated to Otto-chain Core team and Octopus Nation
    • 12% allocated to Core team
    • 3% allocated to Octopus Nation
  • 10% - Allocated to IDO
  • 5% - DEX Liquidity
Link to understand about Inflation of $OTTO tokens:-

Table Of Distribution

% Distribution
Ecosystem growth
Octopus Nation and Ottochain Team
DEX Liquidity

Airdrop Distribution

Octopus Network
4% to $OCT IDO Participants
4% to currently active validators and delegators
3% to 1000+ OCT token holders (Snapshot TBA)
2% to currently operating appchain token holders with atleast $30 worth (Snapshot TBA)
1% to IDO Participants of DEIP and Discovol
1% to active Octopus Nation members active since May
1% to members of Octopus DAO
1% to all holders of $OCT tokens (snapshot TBA)
4% allocated to the NEAR Restaking participants (Details TBA)
1% for holders of more than 500 $NEAR tokens (Snapshot TBA)
0.5% for active NEAR Wallets with a minimum of 200 transactions. (Activity from September 2023 onwards)
0.5% for iamhuman verified voters
9% = Given to individual wallets that participate in testnet and any form of marketing and community activities. Partner DApps, DAOs, regional communities, NEAR KOLs, supporters and builders on NEAR's BOS
5% = Qualified DApps via the Ottochain Builders Program
3% = NearOcto Legends NFT Holders
1% = KOLs and Marketing Partners as agreed by a majority of the Ottochain core team.
1% = Community partners/DAOs
1% = Early partner Incubation hubs and startups interested in building on Ottochain before launch
1% = Airdrop to Liquidity providers for some selected pairs
2% = Future IBC partners for channelling liquidity with Cosmos Hub, Osmosis DEX etc
2% = Partner communities and projects within Cosmos ecosystem
2% = Partner EVM ecosystems, Wallets and Exchanges

Vesting Schedules

17% Airdrop allocation to Octopus network
3 month
10% unlocked after cliff, remaining 90% vested for 120 months
10% Airdrop allocation to NEAR
3 month
10% unlocked after cliff, remaining 90% vested for 120 months
17% Airdrop allocation to individual marketing campaigns, Community, DAOs and influencer based Partnerships and Exchange partnerships and Early partner Incubation hubs and start-ups
3 months cliff
0 months cliff for tokens allocated to Liquidity providers on some selected pairs
0 month cliff for tokens allocated to KOLs
2 month cliff for tokens allocated to the builders Program 0 month cliff for NearOcto Legends NFT Holder
10% unlocked after cliff, remaining 90% vested for 120 months.
KOLs, 10% unlocked at start and remaining 90% vested for 6 months Builders winners, 10% unlocked after cliff, remaining 90% vested for 12 months 100% unlock 1st week after launch
4% allocation to Cosmos Ecosystem
Locked till criterias are met
2% allocation to EVM Ecosystem /Wallet Partner/ Exchange Partner
Locked till criterias are met
20% allocation to Ecosystem growth
Unlock upon community approval
15% allocation to core team, Octopus Nation
0 months
10% unlocked after cliff, remaining 90% vested for 120 months
10% allocation to IDO
1 months
100% unlock 30days after IDO ends
5% allocation to Dex Liquidity
0 months
$OCT<> $OTTO Liquidity